The Danish Bakery seeks to combine two simple ingredients -  baking and hygge. We use traditional Danish methods of hand crafting all our own breads, pastries and cakes each morning in our own bake house. Hygge might translate literally as cosiness, but it means a lot more: a relaxing time with friends, a feeling of togetherness, a moment of indulgence. Anyway you like, it's good for the soul. Just like our bread and pastries. Here's a selection of some of our creations to enjoy in our coffee shop, or to take away (all subject to availability)   

Hygge Tea

Pastries & Cakes



Coffee Shop

Take away
We know many of you already enjoy popping in for a coffee and a pastry, but we know you won’t always have the time to stay and relax. Fear not, we’re happy to box up a few pastries for you to take away, and have you own little Danish gathering at home or in work. In fact, you’ll be doing it as they do in Denmark, where any special occasion is an opportunity for a sweet pastry and fresh coffee. 

It’s not always just about the sweet delights, sometimes we know you need to be connected too. For that very purpose, we got a nice chunky broadband service to keep you satisfied.