It’s hard to tell where the idea of the Danish Bakery first began, but ask anyone who’s spent time in Denmark, and they’ll tell you that you're never too far from a bakery (bageri). It’s just a part of daily life. When I moved to Wales in 1998, I very quickly felt at home. but I have missed the bread. That was the catalyst for this adventure.

My love of bread started at home. My grandfather (FarFar) - was a baker in central København, and so we were very used to tales of making bread (brød), pastries (wienerbrød) and cake (kage) - and plenty of sampling too. 

At home, I baked with my mother (Mor) and Grandmother (Bedstemor) and it's a tradition I’ve kept going with my own children (børn). So for me, baking is an important connection with the land of my birth.

Over the past few years what was a dream has slowly turned into a plan, and now, finally, reality . We’ve got a great spot - and thrilled to be bringing new life to an established retail location with long history in the local community. 

We’ve got a great team in place, and over the coming months and years, we look forward to introducing a little bit of Denmark to this corner of Wales.

På gensyn

Betina Skovbro