Bakery Apprentice

We are proud to announce that we are looking for the next Baker’s apprentice at the Danish Bakery. The position is a one-year apprenticeship, during which we will train the post holder in the techniques and skills required to succeed in the baking industry. This will help prepare the successful candidate for a career in the artisan baking industry.

Working alongside our bakery team, the role will introduce you to all the key techniques required to produce a range of bread and pastries to the high standards required by Brød Danish Bakery. This will include a range of tasks including (but not limited to) preparing, measuring (using a scales and portion control), mixing and baking ingredients to produce breads, rolls, cookies, cakes, pastries, or other baked goods. These processes will include the preparation of doughs, letting them rise, shaping, proving, baking, cooling & icing them.

Alongside the preparation of baked goods, the apprentice will also learn and contribute to tasks required to ensure the smooth running of the bakery including assisting (as advised) with tasks such as stock control, bakery cleaning, monitoring of hygiene and food standards, record keeping and tasks required to maintain a safe working environment. 

Your apprenticeship will be monitored by Cambrian Training Company, our external professional apprenticeship provider, along side your hands-on experience at our bakery.

Additional details

Employer: The Danish Bakery Ltd
Type of vacancy: Foundation Apprenticeship
Location: Canton, Cardiff
Pay:  £4 p/hour
Hours of Work: Start time 5am (4am on Saturdays) approx 35 - 40 hours pr week. Work days Tuesday to Sunday (2 days off weekly)
Minimum Age:  19
Preferred training provider: Cambrian Training Company
Learning Provider Course: Professional Bakery Level 2 Certificate (FDQ) 60068644
Desirable personal qualities: You don't have to be a baker to join us, but you MUST have to have passion for the baking industry. You must be physically fit, ready to meet early, be able to lift a minimum of 25kg flour bags and stand for long periods.

Please complete the application form if you would like to be considered for this position.


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