Inspired in Copenhagen

Last week, Shaun and Betina paid a visit to Denmark. It was an opportunity to spend time with Danish baker Rene at his bakery in Copenhagen, and to take further inspiration from the great tradition of Danish baking.

Rene has been a great source of knowledge and support during Betina’s early research and she had spent several days - and nights - working with Rene and his bakery team as she developed her plans for Brød in Cardiff. For Shaun, on his first visit to Denmark - it was a chance to experience first hand the passion the Danes have for their unique breads and pastries. 

Shaun said of his working visit, “it was great to spend time Rene and his team and fantastic to see how the baking tradition is such a central part of Danish life - it certainly made me proud to be part of bringing a little of that to Cardiff.” 

Betina added, “I first met Rene in the early days of planning the Brød project. From our very first meeting, he's been very generous with his support and advice - and really interested in how we’ve got on. It was great to be back there for a few days - and to be inspired by his work once again. The visit was also an opportunity to explore some new product ideas for the bakery here in Cardiff. We’re really looking forward to introducing some of these in the coming weeks.”